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Patient Support Specialist Pensacola ~ Miramar Beach~ Panama City, FL

Leslie has had a lifelong passion for helping those in need. As a registered nurse of nearly 17 years, she has combined this passion with her love and desire to promote healthy living. She is a proud veteran of the United States Air Force and has specialized nursing experience in critical care and surgical services. Over the last couple years, Leslie’s frustration with the current state of mainstream medicine, and the manner in which the opioid crisis and coronavirus pandemic were dealt with, led her to research alternative medicine approaches.

Believing that healthy living is more than mere absence of disease, her curiosity in plant-based medicine was piqued. She is currently attending the University of Maryland--Baltimore for graduate school in their Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics program. She is very excited to be a part of the Kaya Life team in helping others explore the many facets of healing the mind, body, and spirit with a plant-based, integrative medicine approach.

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