Cannabis and Exercise

One of the biggest misconceptions of cannabis is that those who use it are lazy and unmotivated. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, studies show that the commonly held assumption that marijuana users are lazy and sedentary is simply not supported by data. As research continues, we are learning that cannabis may actually prove to be a tool that leads to improved exercise recovery and performance. Read on to learn more about how medicating with cannabis and exercise can co-exist. 

Cannabis for Exercise Performance

Sometimes the hardest part of getting in a good workout is simply getting started. Because different levels of legalization across the states is still relatively new, we are limited in the amount of studies we have regarding cannabis and exercise performance. However, a recent survey of cannabis users showed that 81.7% of the 620 participants endorsed the use of cannabis before and/or after exercise. A smaller percentage of that claimed that it improved their performance. 

Different Methods of Exercise and Cannabis

According to opinion, some individuals moving their body in the forms of hiking and yoga have found to have a more connected experience between their body, mind, and their environment. Those exercising in more intense forms of movement, such as weightlifting and high intensity interval training, have reported feeling more motivated for their workout after microdosing. We know that each body has a different tolerance and reaction to cannabis. We also know that each individual’s journey with exercise is unique. Thus, the choice to use cannabis in correlation with exercise should be a personal decision.

Things to Keep in Mind

While cannabis has the potential of increasing focus and motivation to get a high quality workout in, high levels of THC can cause impairment. If you are seeking to medicate with cannabis before your workout, we recommend doing so in a microdosing fashion or opting for CBD over THC. Safety is always the most important thing and you should never operate a vehicle, heavy machinery, or exercise if heavily under the influence of marijuana. 

Cannabis for Exercise Recovery

Now that we’ve covered how cannabis can impact exercise performance, let’s talk about cannabis for exercise RECOVERY. Most people are already aware that cannabis has properties that can relieve pain and stress, enhance appetite and mood, and promote quality sleep. For starters, all of these effects can promote recovery from exercise! 

Anti-Inflammatory Benefits

When you exercise, your muscles are being torn, which causes inflammation, so that they can grow back together stronger. Many people turn to pain relievers to reduce soreness, but the cannabis plant is full of anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to Use Cannabis for Exercise Recovery

  1. Massage with a topical - When you work out, your body produces lactic acid, which is heavily connected to the soreness that we feel afterward. Massaging muscles with a topical salve or cream, in a one to one ratio of CBD to THC, may help reduce inflammation while also breaking up the lactic acid. 
  2. Ratio edibles or tinctures - You may find that medicating with a one to one ratio of CBD to THC before bed, in the form of an edible or sublingual tincture, helps you sleep better, wake up feeling refreshed and less sore for their next workout. 

While there is still so much research to be done on cannabis and exercise, what we do know is that quality sleep and stress reduction are incredibly important to recovery. We are also learning more and more about how cannabis can help with both of these. Time and research will tell us more about how cannabis and exercise can co-exist and may support each other. 

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