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Lavender, Linalool & Medical Marijuana

Lavender, Linalool & Medical Marijuana

Candy hearts aside, Valentine’s Day is the time to celebrate the people we love, and to focus on a relationship that is equally important: the relationship with yourself. Self-care is about taking the time for good ol’ ‘me, myself, and I’. Trust us when we say... It goes a long way. True self-care comes down to three things: our energy, our stress, and our overall well-being. Luckily for us, as it relates to medical cannabis, there’s a plant terpene that just so happens to hit all three notes. Here are ways to sprinkle a little extra self love this Valentine’s Day.

But first, what is a terpene? 

Secreted in the same glands that produce THC and CBD, terpenes are found in fragrant oil concentrations that give cannabis strains their distinct aroma and flavor. What’s more, is increasing evidence shows they may actually play a role in the strain’s effects. Some terpenes may promote relaxation and stress-relief, while others may promote focus and clarity. Among these terpenes is one we’ll focus on today: Linalool.

Linalool is found in a variety of flowers and spices, from lavender to coriander, as well as popular cannabis strains like Grandaddy Purp and L.A. Confidential (which can be found at Surterra and Trulieve respectively). While it is said to have countless benefits on anxiety, inflammation, and depression, linalool is best known for its effects on reducing stress. 

Since you already know how harmful stress is for both the mind and body, we’ll instead share with you some tips for utilizing this unique health hack in your daily life. 

Essential Oils

Treat yourself to an essential oil diffuser and work in your daily dose of lavender. You’ll feel less stressed, plus your home will smell delicious. 

Homemade Tea

Detox with some homemade coriander tea and feel the calming effects from the inside out. 

Bubble Bath 

A bubble bath can relax many of your ailments. Try working in some lavender salts for an extra de-stressor. And as a bonus, try dropping in a CBD bath bomb for the cherry on top. 

Medical Marijuana

With a Florida medical marijuana card, simply visit your local dispensary to explore products and strains best known for feeling Linalool’s effects. Ready to take this next step towards a better you? Request an appointment with Kaya Life to learn how to best align this holistic treatment with your lifestyle. Offices in Pensacola, Santa Rosa Beach and Panama City. 

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