National Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week

National Women’s Health Week is almost upon us. This year the week-long health observance kicks off May 10-16 in order to raise awareness on the everyday steps women can take to improve their health. It serves as a reminder to women of all ages how important it is to make health a top priority, all the while celebrating each journey as something unique and personal to us all.

As an all-female team here at Kaya Life, this is something very near and dear to us. So how can we as women take back our health? 

It’s simple. By taking care of two things: our bodies and our minds. 

Both physical and mental health revolve around staying active, eating right, maintaining a healthy weight and monitoring things like alcohol intake. And that’s certainly not all. Finding healthy ways to manage stress is key. Are you getting enough sleep? Staying connected with friends and family? Above all, listen to your body and what it needs. Our bodies are incredible machines capable of so much, and our minds play a huge role in that. Looking for an extra boost? We may have just what you need.

Every single day more and more people are finding the relief they need through cannabis, its terpenes, and the multitude of benefits being discovered. In honor of National Women’s Health Week, we’re focusing on one particular terpene that is most common and believed to offer a huge boost to our overall health. 

Alpha-Pinene is a fragrant and uplifting terpene best known for its fresh, pine scent. According to Leafly, it is said to have both anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties in addition to improved focus, alertness, and creative inspiration. Known for counteracting some of the adverse effects of THC such as paranoia, strains high in pinene are great for both cannabis newbies and more seasoned folks alike. It may even play a role in short-term memory retention. 

Pinene, which is found in rosemary, orange peels, conifer trees and more, is only the beginning. Looking to dive in more to the possibilities of how cannabis can contribute to our health, female or otherwise, request an appointment with Kaya Life today to learn more about what medical marijuana can do for you. 

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