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Spring Awakening

We know Spring technically kicked off a month ago, but considering the current state of the world, perhaps we’ve earned ourselves a do-over. You guys in? After all, with Spring time comes new beginnings, sunshine, and a time to take a much-needed step back. When we slow down for ourselves, we can refocus our gaze on the important things in life. We can breathe and give our bodies exactly what it needs. Which, right now, is something we all could use: relief. 


When it comes to relief from things like anxiety, stress, depression, OCD and more, there’s a cannabis terpene that thankfully is never in short supply. Limonene is the second most common terpene in nature after pinene. Taking its name from the lemon, it is known for its citrus aromas and found in many everyday items including fruit rinds, cosmetics, cleaning products, and, the reason we’re all here, cannabis.


Strains like Wedding Cake, Lemon OG, Berry White, and Tahoe OG are among some of the most popular that exhibit higher levels of Limonene. Adding to the growing list of potential therapeutic benefits around medical marijuana, strains high in this uplifting terpene are said to impact brain function and a variety of other mental health disorders. Though scientists are still working to better understand how these go hand in hand, there may be a common theme: elevated mood. Something we can never have too much of. 


So how can we work in more of this terpene into our lives and see what it does for our own relaxation? Ask your local dispensary about more high-Limonene strains to try for a good ol’ mood boost, add some citrus essential oils to your daily routine, and work in fresh citrus fruits into your home cooking. 


Looking for more? Book an appointment with Kaya Life today. Offices in Penscola, Santa Rosa Beach & Panama City, Florida. 

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