Terpenes: How Can They Impact Your Experience?


If you have been into a dispensary, you have probably heard of terpenes. You may just smile and nod when you hear this term, but knowledge is power! Terpenes can play a large role in your experience while medicating with different strains of cannabis. Keep reading as we help you understand terpenes and the purpose they serve. 

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What are Terpenes? 

While the cannabis plant contains hundreds of phytochemicals, many with medicinal indications, terpenes and phytocannabinoids have been the most studied for their medicinal and therapeutic properties. Terpenes are the basic constituents in essential oils found in many plants, not just cannabis! Many plants or herbs you have around your house, even sage and rosemary, contain terpenes. 

In nature, terpenes play a vital role in plants. For instance, in some plants, terpenes can attract pollinators. In other plants, they can cause a strong reaction to repel predators. As you can imagine, a compound displaying that much of an impact in nature can also impact our experience while medicating! 

How Terpenes Impact Your Experience

When people think about their potential experience while medicating with Cannabis, most immediately think of CBD and THC percentage, and the difference between indica and sativa. While these can be good indicators, terpenes actually play a large role in a patient’s experience.  

Recent studies suggest that Cannabis terpenes can enhance the therapeutic properties of cannabinoids. This is known as the entourage effect and describes a mechanism where cannabis substances work together to optimize the therapeutic and psychoactive benefits of the herb. For instance, some terpenes can synergize the feeling of relaxation, stress relief, energy boost, and maintaining focus, along with their underlying medicinal functions. 

Here are a few examples of common terpenes and potential effects that a patient may experience while medicating: 

Terpenes and Smell

Fun fact: Terpenes are also responsible for the distinct aroma of cannabis. Many of the terpenes found in strains of cannabis are also found in other common plants. For instance, linalool is also found in lavender. While there are more than 100 terpenes in just one cannabis flower, here are a few examples of aromas you can expect from some of the most well known terpenes. 

If you are interested in learning more about terpenes and what strains are best for treating your condition, we are here to help! Schedule your appointment today and let us guide you in a plan that will help you live well. 





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