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There’s a number of reasons why people feel called to the world of natural medicine, and for this mom of three, it came down to two things: changing lives for the better and making her mark on the world. As a Cannabis Educator for Kaya Life, Bethany is thrilled for the opportunity to teach physicians and patients about the many benefits of medical cannabis, all the while helping to break the stigma attached to this ancient medicine. Prior to medical cannabis, she worked in direct patient care as a nurse. After gaining experience in a variety of different fields, the call to natural medicine became too big to ignore, and now that she’s here, it’s where she intends to stay grounded. “Making a difference in the lives of our patients at Kaya Life is what matters most to me,” says Bethany. “That moment when we hear them say medical cannabis has changed their lives and they felt empowered to take the first step is music to my ears!”


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