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Lead Patient Support Specialist & Practice Manager Pensacola, FL  


Gemma spent 15 years of her life in the Army as a transportation management coordinator. She is grateful for her time serving our great country for many reasons, but at the top of her list may be two things: traveling the world and, ultimately, meeting her husband, who was also in the Service. In her spare time as a Soldier, Gemma earned an Associates of Arts in General Studies at Ocean Community College. In 2018, after completion of her Military career, she, her husband and two children moved to Pensacola. It was here where she learned of the benefits of Medical Marijuana firsthand. Her husband became a patient and found success using cannabis to treat his PTSD. She is grateful for the opportunity to work for Kaya Life and continue to see that same level of success in our patients daily. “Cannabis can change lives,” she says. “I know because it changed mine.” Gemma currently serves as lead Patient Support Specialist and Practice Manager of the Pensacola, FL location.

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