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Medical Marijuana Doctor Santa Rosa Beach, FL

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Santa Rosa Beach, Florida Medical Marijuana Doctor | Kaya Life

“At Kaya Life, we take care of real patients with real problems with real medicine.”
-- Dr. Stephanie Johnson

The legalization of medical marijuana and CBD oil has been good news for people of all ages across America who seek a safe and natural treatment for chronic pain, stress, and symptoms of long-term illnesses. From pain management for cancer, MS, and Parkinson’s Disease to stress release for PTSD sufferers, medicinal marijuana has proven to be an effective alternative method when conventional treatments fail or cause unpleasant side effects. The establishment of medical marijuana (MMJ) clinics in Florida has made sound cannabinoid treatment plans more readily available.


Kaya Life Medical Marijuana Clinic in Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Speedboat on the water in front of Crab Island, near Destin and Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.

Welcome to Kaya Life in Santa Rosa Beach on the Florida Panhandle. Named among one of the “Best Beaches on Earth” for families by Travel & Leisure Magazine, this peaceful community is famous for its turquoise waters, sandy beaches, scenic beauty, artists’ colony, and very low crime rate.

Following the Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative in November of 2016, the state of Florida authorized the use of marijuana and CBD oil for medicinal purposes. As a leader in the field, Kaya Life was the first medicinal marijuana doctors’ office to open on the Florida Panhandle just weeks after the legalization. Since that time, we live out our mission daily, seeking to improve the quality of life and promote wellness for our patients using medical cannabis treatment methods.


Can CBD Oil for Pain and Stress Really Help?

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Are you hindered by chronic pain management issues, or perhaps experiencing unwanted side effects from pharmaceuticals? Or perhaps you’re experiencing difficulty with ongoing stress? If so, give us a call at 850-213-1215 to let us know about your situation. Learn what medicinal marijuana is all about and what it can do for you. Find freedom from the symptoms that hold you back from the life you desire by making an appointment online here.


Florida’s Qualifying Conditions for a Medical Marijuana Card

People from up and down the state of Florida are searching the internet for a “medical card doctor near me” looking for a solution to the pain or stress they’re undergoing. There are specific conditions and illnesses that qualify a person for medicinal cannabis use. Our practice offers certification for patients who have one of the following conditions that qualifies them for a referral under Florida laws.

  • Chronic Pain
  • Cancer
  • Crohn’s Disease
  • Glaucoma
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)*
  • Multiple sclerosis (MS)
  • Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
  • Epilepsy
  • Parkinson’s Disease
  • Medical conditions that are similar to those above*
  • Any terminal condition

* For example, PTSD is one of the conditions on the official list. However, bipolar disorder, anxiety, depression, or insomnia are all considered “related conditions” to PTSD. On a case-by-case basis, patients with these symptoms may also qualify for a medicinal marijuana card. Read more about these qualifying conditions here, and how cannabinoids are being used to reduce and relieve symptoms of these illnesses.


Wondering How to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card? 

We are ready to make your application process as easy as possible!

Here’s what happens on your initial appointment:

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  1. You’ll fill out the standard forms, and then have an in-person consultation with one of our cannabis physicians. They’ll design a just-for-you treatment plan according to your requirements and lifestyle preferences.
  2. If you qualify for cannabinoid treatment, the doctor will confirm your certification in the state of Florida’s database.
  3. A staff member will help you to fill out the application form, and you’ll make an online application payment of $75 to the Florida Department of Health. (Both credit and debit cards are accepted.)
  4. Within two weeks, you will obtain a temporary medical ID card by email, which allows you to purchase products from any approved Florida MMJ dispensary or treatment center.
  5. Within the first 70 days of starting CBD oil or other medicinal marijuana treatment, we’ll schedule you for a follow-up visit to see how you are responding to the prescribed treatment and make any necessary adjustments. Your well-being is our primary concern.

Initial Appointment Checklist – What to bring

When you come for your appointment, make sure you bring:

  • Your medical records
  • Current driver’s license or Florida photo ID (or proof of residence for part-time Florida residents)
  • Payment for your appointment – credit or debit card only
  • A smartphone or tablet to access your email during your visit

Why Kaya Life? – One-of-a-Kind Patient Care! 

Smiling medical marijuana doctor and patient.

Ours is a patient-centered practice. We listen. We want to learn about your needs and answer your questions, in order to provide you with the best possible treatment plan.

We make your medical card application process as simple and easy as possible since we do it with you right in our office.

Many other MMJ doctors fail to equip patients with a thorough understanding of the why’s and wherefore’s of using medical cannabis. At Kaya Life, we educate our patients about what to expect. And you’ll know that your Florida medical card application has been correctly submitted and that you’ll soon be receiving the go-ahead to start your MMJ treatment plan. You’re on the way to wellness, using natural medicinal cannabinoids to get relief from pain and stress.

Medical Marijuana Education and Compassionate Patient Care

“We provide consultations to patients and teach them how medical marijuana will help with their condition, what to expect, where to go, what to buy, how to take it…. We care about our patients. Our patients come first.” -- Dr. Stephanie Johnson, Founder and practicing physician at Kaya Life.

Dr. Stephanie Johnson, owner and founding physician of Kaya Life, worked as an ER doctor for 15 years and as an activist to combat the opioid epidemic in the U.S. until she opened the first MMJ clinic on the Florida Panhandle in 2016.

Get to know our Physicians and Staff Members at Kaya Life

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