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Patient support, Gulfport MS

Nia's journey in healthcare spans two decades, starting as a dedicated RN in emergency medicine. With expertise in both pediatric and adult care, she honed her skills in the fast-paced world of urgent medical care. Her commitment to health extended beyond clinical settings as she transitioned into a role as a Health Educator for a major insurance company, imparting valuable knowledge to empower individuals in their health journeys. Originally from Little Rock, Arkansas, Nia recently made the move to Gulfport to be closer to her in-laws. It was during this transition that her perspective on healthcare expanded dramatically. Her husband's experience as a medical cannabis patient illuminated the powerful impact it had on alleviating his PTSD symptoms. Witnessing firsthand the transformative effects of cannabis, Nia became a staunch advocate for its healing potential.

Driven by her personal encounter and professional expertise, Nia passionately campaigns for the destigmatization of cannabis. She believes in its ability to offer relief and enhance the quality of life for individuals struggling with various health conditions. Her advocacy extends to fostering understanding and acceptance within communities, emphasizing the importance of recognizing cannabis as a viable medical resource rather than a stigmatized substance.

Nia's career trajectory and personal journey have converged to fuel her dedication to promoting the healing power of cannabis, shaping her into a vocal advocate for change in attitudes toward its medicinal use.

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