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Patient support specialist- Miramar Beach ~ Panama City

Nicci grew up in a cannabis-friendly home, where it was safely used to medicate for a diagnosis of digestive issues affecting both of her parents. As she grew up and developed her own digestive issues, she made the choice to take a natural route of yoga, a healthy approach to eating and the use of cannabis versus other prescribed options; based on the experience she had seen with her parents. Nicci and her spouse were blessed to be able to move to Florida in 2017 and shortly after this she was able to become involved with Kaya Life as a patient.

At this time she began her medical cannabis journey, experiencing the results of medical-grade cannabis and the difference in a true regimen of use. What a great opportunity to have access to safe and regulated products but also such a wide-variety! A few years later, she was given the opportunity to work at the dispensary level where she learned a lot and grew immensely in the knowledge of how cannabis works metabolically. Now, she is working at Kaya Life and gets to share her journey, helping others discover the benefit of medical cannabis and how it can help restore each individual to true balance and an inner peace that this plant can provide!

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