Rachel’s journey to cannabis began quite simply: with a belief in a more holistic approach to life. It’s one of the reasons why she started her own business, so that she could have the ultimate flexibility to be able to attend to her health, family, and business in the most balanced way possible. In 2014, she graduated from Florida State University where she studied marketing, public relations, advertising, communications, and graphic design. With over 10 years under her belt, she now brings her marketing experience to the cannabis industry with a goal of getting the public to look at both their mental and physical health in a new light. She came to Kaya first as a patient where she was blown away by the entire process and how easy and comfortable it was from start to finish. Not long after that, she came on board as our Social Media Manager where she is proud to do her part in upholding our mission to “take care of real patients with real problems with real medicine.” 

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