Rachel - Social media manager

Who you are

  • Rachel Guidry, Florida native who believes in a more holistic approach to life. It’s one of the reasons why she started her own business so that she could have the ultimate flexibility to be able to attend to her health, family, and business in the most balanced way possible.
  • Graduated from FSU in 2014. Studied Marketing, Public Relations, Advertising, Communications, Graphic Design.
  • 10+ years in Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Certified, Image Consultant Certified
  • I love the beach, boating, family and friends, animals, nature, and technology that helps connect us all.

Why you work in the cannabis industry

  • She takes her health seriously and wants to align with others that carry that same belief, so she brings her skills to serve the industry. She has also had great success with it personally.
  • Wants to work in the industry for the betterment of the public’s physical and mental health
  • Mental health advocate

Why you work with Kaya Life

  • As a patient of Kaya Life, she was blown away with the entire process of scheduling, consultation, certification, and receiving of her medical marijuana card. It was so easy and comfortable, she hoped to work with them in the future, and through networking, it came to be.
  • Ongoing appreciation and respect for Kaya Life and the experience they provide as well as the mission they uphold.
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