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Reiss was born and raised in the Midwest & in the summer of 2021 she made the move to Santa Rosa Beach. Prior to her relocating, she was going to school for dietetics. She quickly realized that this was not the path for her, and she left school to work in her hometown briefly. After settling into her life in Florida, she joined the team at Kaya Life.
Having come from a lifelong history of holistic medicine including; energy medicine,
homeopathy, herbal remedies, and nutrition, joining Kaya Life was an easy decision. She already had experience in a cannabis-related industry where she educated clients on the medicinal benefits of cannabinoids.

Reiss works as the practice manager for our Miramar Beach location and can honestly say that she “loves the impact that Kaya Life makes.” She believes there is an even greater potential to powerfully impact the movement towards normalizing natural medicine and the recognition of the healing power of cannabis. 

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