Justin - practice manager for the Santa Rosa Beach location

  • 8yr USMC veteran, aviation structural mechanic on F/A-18C Hornets
    got out just prior to 9/11.
  • Worked experimental and military aviation 25+ years
  • Founded "Healing For Heroes" trying to help veterans and first responders living with PTSD
  • Started in Cannabis in early 2020 as a patient consultant at Trulieve in Destin, worked up to Store Coordinator before leaving for a failed entrepreneurial effort in Crestview.
  • Has been with Kaya since June of this year
  • I work in the cannabis industry because aviation is federally regulated and I couldn't be a patient while doing that kind of work. It allows me to be more of my true self, without hiding behind a deception.
  • I work at Kaya for the above-mentioned reason too.
  • Helping people find peace, healing, and happiness in their own lives is what I love about my job.


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